What is a microservice?

The most little part of service is a method, which is operation, function, etc. which provides result of process.

We made microservice before industry talk about that. The artefact package in object plateforms (Java, php, .Net) can contains one method in one class in one programming package. The operational model resulting can be instantiated in on a multitude processor platform.

Whatever technologies a service which a minimal get, put, delete method can be considered as micro…

com.company.info.Identity com.company.process.Identity.get(id) isn’t it a service which is micro?

Published by: Boris Billereau

Conceptor, analyst, programmer, architect for business logic enterprise (capable), researcher in computer and design sciences, semiotic to provide easiest agile architectures, systems and technologies of information and communication for business (agile astic) with quality and accurate in agility.

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