SOA/BPM complete unified plateform: a necessity

Unified BPM/SOA platform is not only an advantage, it’s also became a necessity for the enterprise. More business computerization imposes more complete unified platform solution.

Notion of complete unified SOA/BPM platforms mentions a global and unified solution, not necessarily simple, to help the enterprise to analyze, design, develop, deploy, execute, follow, maintain and change their services of process (intentional) in time to markets goals.

In fact, there are several platforms to address several goals among which there are Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Architecture (BA) and Enterprise Information Technologies Architecture (EITA) . Those platforms treat all aspects about SOA/BMP, BEM and all of point of view strategic, economic and tactic to think, build and run business:

  • platform to express architectures and requirements SOA/BMP (design tools for customers, MDS)
  • platform to analyze and design SOA/BMP (design tools for BAs, MDS)
  • platform to develop and deploy SOA/BMP (development tools, MDS)
  • platform to integrate SOA/BMP (development tools, EAI, MDE)
  • platform to execute and follow SOA/BMP (BAM, running such as SOAs/BRMS/BRMS platforms, MDE)

SOA and BPM  are intentionally coupled because, contrary like it’s say, the both SOA/BMP are explicitly nested concepts working together for a simple raison:

What is a service for both point of view Business and Technologies? Service is a product of processes, based on IPO principle (Input/Processing/Output) that we find in all systems (universal basic model) which are both technological or not. In processing phase we have an important activity, calling others processes.

After service of process design and implementation can be split into two goals:

  • Business architecture view which is controlled and designed by BA;
  • Technologies Architecture view, because service of process has to automated.

Technologies are not necessarily needed, but this is still the subject, and other important subject for the enterprise, in addition of knowledge of their process services, is the alignment between requirements and delivered services of process phases. Between two initial and final phases, there are lot of constraints, concerns and pitfalls.

SOA is completely adapted for BMP when the process has to exposed as service. Abstraction gives information. Eventually, on the executing platform (BPMS/BRMS), process is exposed like a contract interface for all consumers wishing to use it.

To optimize process of computerization (all processes between initial requirement and final delivery), all platforms are needed.

MDE is also introduced because it is an important part of the solution (see Nature of MDE, MDE is wysiwig).

The enterprise is changing and we should not miss the mutation.

MDS = Model-Driven Strategy including MDBusiness, MDKnowledge, MD Engineering.


Published by: Boris Billereau

Conceptor, analyst, programmer, architect for business logic enterprise (capable), researcher in design sciences and semiotic to provide easiest systems and technologies of information and communication for business (business stic) with quality and accurate in agility.

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