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Everything we produce is intended mainly to be useful, even distraction is useful in its domain, besides the distraction around an impressive amount of activity is in fact their business model. However, the utility is a relative concept depending on the actual need for everyone to use a product, work or entertainment. We can also ask the utility is not futile, but the main issue is the objective of product we produce.

The most of the products are produced by a first step which is the modeling phase. Producing models can have many purposes more or less useful.

More seriously, what is a useful pattern?

According to targeted objectives, useful models are useful in several objectives.

The first is to have visibility into what is a preliminary design for analysis and discussion or final order following their use in processes upstream;
The second objective is the knowledge and documentation which are also useful for several purposes;
The third allows to produce a final design to modeling, processes and systems.
A fourth, least used and least developing is automated production which today can be produce from designer models during the previous objectives.
The major problem in the models is the relevance of ‘design’ and intelligence information model representing a significant risk of inducing proliferation of unnecessary or redundant models.

In addition there are many rating systems usually covering different areas, choose a uniform notation can be difficult.

In the computerization, models are useful to analyze, design, document, produce, maintain knowledge of systems, services and applications.

During the production phase, the models have an important use in general to produce manually, but also to automate the production of the product.

This introduces the capabilities MDE. MDE can focus on models, methods and means of automation products and services computerizing the activities of the company from the models.

Useful models are useful to several reasons:

  • Knowledge management in the initial phases and cycles.
  • production of products and services.

However, it should follow a accurate process to ensure alignment between models and products.

Let’s remind that WYSIWYG, normally dedicated to the modeling activity screen, is completely in the goal of modeling SOA and BPM.

WYSIWYG for BMP, SOA can be agile and ensure alignment.

Modeling PIM-only is also an objective to keep to ensure alignment, in addition to avoid the proliferation of models. PIM-only allows the generation process, products and services with little model does not go through because the PSM phase.

Published by: Boris Billereau

Conceptor, analyst, programmer, architect for business logic enterprise (capable), researcher in computer and design sciences, semiotic to provide easiest agile architectures, systems and technologies of information and communication for business (agile astic) with quality and accurate in agility.

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